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Reasons why you should maintain in good order your armored vehicle?

1.    A vehicle, once armored, is no more a simple vehicle it becomes a mobile security element.  The life of its occupants depends on the vehicle and its armor and nobody wants either of these to fail during an emergency.   Overall, in a risk situation (an attack, for example), the vehicle can be proved to its maximum, not only in ballistic resistance, but also its maneuverability, responsiveness, brake system, etc.  The probabilities of fail of any of the systems of your vehicle is more likely in deficient maintenance conditions; accidents can become tragedies.

2.    An armored vehicle detunes and wears more rapidly than a normal vehicle because of the weight added and the major intervention it has been submitted. This is why, it is necessary to verified the vehicle condition more frequently to guaranteed its optimal performance, its protection capability in risk situations.

3.    An armored vehicle is an important investment that will lose its value without an adequate maintenance.