During this time we have been leading shield in Guatemala and Central America, we have more than 6.000 m2. workshop area. We have created until today more than 1,200 cars from cars presidential commercial and private. Our staff is continuously trained to provide the best advice on the production of your car.

The material we use meet all international quality standards is why we can guarantee and support our work and most importantly your protection. We also have high technology and a research team which is always innovating to stay ahead.

More than 15 years of car shielding for maximum protection

What´s armoring?

Shield giving it a vehicle is bullet-resistant materials and accessories used to repel an attack or take flight. The shield is usually incorporate the following elements:

Change of crystals by a bullet-proof.

A layer of steel or other materials resistant to bullets around:

  1. The passenger compartment doors, ceiling, floor, front and rear, posts and pillars.

  2. Battery

  3. The gas tank

  4. Protection tires

  5. Defense system to launch gas skin and eye irritant around the vehicle.

  6. Siren and strobe lights to attract attention in case of attack.

  7. Vehicle Tracking System satellite.

  8. Some additional safety accessories.

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We serve all kinds of vehicles and buildings.

Private sedans and SUVs



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Quality, warranty and experience

All the products we use in a vehicle belong to companies highly recognized and certified by worldwide leading laboratories (H.P. White Laboratory, Inc., FMS Enterprise Migun Ltd.).

We are at the forefront of technology,  we have in our workshops special equipment to avoid alterations and deformations in the ballistic properties; Ballistic Steel Cutting Plasma Welding wire MIG micro.

Upon receiving your vehicle you have the support and 2 years of warranty on work performed.

Maintenance and Service

We have an area of service and maintenance of armored vehicles. Professionals who review and protect your investment. We are pioneers in this field and provide service and maintenance to any armored vehicle no matter the workshop that was working on it.