What differentiates the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System" of the similar products in the market:

  1. The main differential of the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System", is that this is the only system available in world-wide market that can act directly in the paving of the road, without the need of the tire to have its effectiveness.

  2. As it is made of a compact structure and high mechanical resistance, confectioned in polyurethane elastomer (rubber), it has particular characteristic positively related to the absorption of energy of impacts without directly transferring them to the wheel hoop, thus preventing, in efficient way the cracking of wheels.

  3. As this is a product of high mechanical resistance, made with an elastomer base (rubber), it also prevents the product from braking. Therefore it is very resistant to the impacts deriving from pot-holes, as well as from firearm bullets, if this occurs, it does not lose its mechanical functionality.

  4. Another characteristic of the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System" is the strong adherence of the product to the wheel hoop. In if a vehicle needs to leave the risk site, the product will not lose the contact with the hoop of the wheel and will provide conditions for vehicle to transfer the torque to the wheel, avoiding losses of power.

  5. Different of other products it does not diminish the contact with the pavement. In the vehicle loses the tire in a risk situation, the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System" will enter in contact with the paving of the road and will provide enough adherence to dislocate the vehicle. Due to its composition resilience and of high tenacity, it is adequate for all types of paving where a conventional tire would work.

Wheel Balancing: As the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System", has an excellent locking system to the hoop of the wheel, it allows a balancing without compromising the set wheel-tire. This prevents the necessity of frequent wheel balancing, in comparison to similar products that are not so adherent to the hoop of the wheel.

Availability of Hoops: The "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection System" adjusts to practically any hoop available in the market, differently to other existing similar products.

Installation and Removal: Due to easiness of the manipulation of the "FLATS OVER Wheel and Tire Protection

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